Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Entry #1

Entry #1

 Top-Forever21, Scarf-Target, Shoes-Breckelles Cilo, (similar style in Coral Here and Teal Here)

I'm sure I'll come up with more creative names for my entries from here, but this is my first one, and I guess I just want myself and everyone else to be aware of it.  I've recently become obsessed with fashion blogs, mainly thanks to Pinterest.  But a lot of the blogs I visit to get fashion/outfit advice and ideas, I cant help think to myself "How the F*#% can this person afford all these clothes?!" I'd definitely consider myself horrible with money, and I probably spend a much larger chunk of the money I make (and don't make) on clothes, shoes and accessories. And even before 2 maxed out credit cards, I still couldn't afford the stuff they buy.  So as I was getting ready to leave for work one morning, I scoped myself out in the mirror really quickly and thought to myself "well don't I just look like something from Pinterest?" Someone could definitely "pin" this outfit.  then realized that everything I was wearing (aside from my boots) cost under $100.  Then I started thinking, how fun it would be to make a fashion blog for the more monetary challenged, a.k.a the average working college graduate, who is working some shitty job they got fresh out of college barely making rent and their ridiculous AT&T U-verse bill each month.  Yet it doesn't mean that you don't want to look like something straight out this months fashion magazine. Even the articles where they compare 'Splurge' vs. 'Steal' I find the Steals to be a bit out of my budget.  I've found that one key to my fashion success is my moderate hoarding.  I don't get rid of clothes, EVER.  Even if they tear, or I grow out of them, then they just go into my "fashion projects" trunk.  (Which by the way, I have only completed maybe 1-2 "fashion projects" I finally got a sewing machine, and now I can't figure out how to use it..."One day" I keep telling myself)  So, yeah, my "fashion projects" trunk is full of torn, cut, too small clothing that I vow to one day turn into something new.  If anything it's a collection of fabrics that I will eventually put to good use. But there have been numerous times I bust out an old top from like 8 years ago that is suddenly cute again.  (I plan to one day link my examples, but for now, I'm just going to say, like this crotchet tank top from my senior year of high school, and now crotchet is all the rage again.)  

So to get back on topic, I want to start a blog featuring all items that cost under $100, which most of mine do.  I have the few splurges (cough cough, this L*Space fringe bikini I just HAD to have for Vegas this year) then mostly just boots, and a few really old Coach bags.  But for the most part Forever 21, H&M, TJ Maxx are my only mall stops, then I have found multiple affordable online stores that I am currently obsessed with. So for my first entry, I'm going to feature just a random outfit I wore to dinner with a friend.  I'll start getting a little more professional with it.  But for now I'm just learning how to post blogs, pics, links and all that stuff.  Well, here goes nothing...

Thanks for reading! I know I ramble. 


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