Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sing-a-long Sunday

I never post on the weekends, but I've been slacking with the holidays so I decided to make a special edition for this Weekend.  Instead of featuring clothes, I'm featuring my current music obsession.  I have had 'Of Monsters and Men' on repeat for days now and every time this song plays, I just cant help but smile, it's so upbeat.  Happy Sunday-Enjoy! 


Friday, December 28, 2012

Date Night

Trey and I took my parents to a Christmas Show a few weeks ago at the Akron Civic Theater which turned out to be a 2 1/2 hour, $20 nap for me, but I think everyone else enjoyed it.  I had a bit of a fashion crisis right before we left the house, I bent down to get something under the sink in the bathroom and the zipper on my skirt split!  So there I am about to walk out of the house, stuck in this cheap Forever 21 skirt because it split in the middle, so I couldn't zip it up or down!  I finally had to just un-tuck my shirt and wear the damn thing anyways! The only way out of it was to cut the skirt, but I didn't want to do that.  So my outfit didn't turn out as cute, I would have liked the shirt better tucked in, but I had to deal with the cards that were dealt to me that night. 

Top-Forever 21, December 2012 {Similar} // Necklace-Forever 21, May 2012 // Skirt-Forever 21 {Really old! Probably why the zipper broke!} Similar Here // Coat-Kensie, November 2012 {Similar} // Shoes-Coconuts, November 2011 {Similar}


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Celebrity Style

I've been digging this outfit of Vanessa Hudgens for awhile now and have just been waiting to pull the trigger on recreating it.  I love the solid black with just a little denim and easy bun, it was perfect for a day that I was feeling a little under the weather, but still wanted to look cute for the office.

Jeans-Forever 21, October 2012 $15.80 {Similar} // Chambray top-Forever 21, Summer 2012 {Similar style here} // Short Sleeved sweater-Forever 21, {Really old!} Booties-Aldo, December 2009, gift from an Ex {Similar style here} // Leather jacket-Wet Seal, October 2009 $50 {Similar}

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a joyous day and that Santa treated you well!! I got the gift of my sisters coming to town and had a great time visiting with them! Then next week Trey and I are off to DC for the Dallas/Washington game, then staying and spending new years eve with my sisters, we are very blessed! 

My Christmas gift from Trey :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

And Why is the Carpet All Wet, Todd?

...I don't know Margo!

My office is so crazy and fun, So in lieu of the Ugly Christmas Sweater thing this year we decided to do a Christmas Vacation dress up day at the office.  I decided to go as the crazy neighbor Margo.  How do you think my outfit turned out?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Party Ready

Holiday Style

We all have holiday parties to attend, whether they be at the office, your families house or just a gathering of friends.  I love dressing up and looking festive even if it's just for a family gathering sitting around playing games.  Here are a few outfit ideas I put together for looking in the spirit of the holiday, without wearing one of those dreaded Christmas sweaters.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Style

I decided since we're engaged now that we should send out that dreaded Christmas card photo everyone mocks.  I changed my default on Facebook and you better believe my sisters were the first in line for the mocking.  They even edited our photo adding Chewbacca asking for his vest back.  I got a good laugh, it was all in good fun.

 These were a few of my favorites
Outfit Details-Trey: Jeans-American Eagle, Button Down-J. Crew Factory, Jacket-INC.
Me: Skirt-Tobi, Striped shirt-H&M, Vest-Ebay, Belt-Necessary Clothing, Necklace-J. Crew, Hat-Gap.
Home made banner seen here

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Banner

Me and a few girlfriends were feeling crafty and decided to have a Pinterest party.  We all brought over supplies for crafts we wanted to work on, listened to Christmas music, drank some wine and had a nice little girls evening.  I had been wanting to take a cute Christmas Card photo of me and Trey and was frantically searching the internet for a cute banner as a prop.  Then I had a thought, 'Why don't I make one at the Pinterest party?!' I figured it couldn't be that hard and with my new found love of spray painting, I went to my local Michael's Craft store and got a few things.  I decided to use felt, although if I try it again, I'll probably use cardstock.  My supplies included:

3 squares of felt fabric
1 can spray paint
Card board cut out to use as a pattern
Copper paper fasteners
Hemp string

I started by using my rectangular card board pattern to draw on the felt and cut out as many pieces I'd need to spell out 'Merry Christmas'.  I then took them outside and {while wearing rubber gloves} laid the stencil down making sure to put it all the way to the bottom of the felt to leave room to fold the felt over the string later.

I spray painted all the letters and let them dry.  Brought them back into the house and proceeded to fold them over the string and use the paper fastener to keep them on the string {it crossed my mind to just use a stapler, but I figured if I was going to use this in my Christmas card it should probably not look so 3rd grade janky}
 *Final Product Coming Soon*

Friday, December 14, 2012

Comfy Cozy

There are a few days {Who am I kidding? Almost everyday} during winter in Ohio, that I just want to roll out of bed and wear essentially my pajamas to work.  Luckily for me, at my place of employment, I could probably get away with that, but I never would actually go through with it! Eh, scratch that, there has been a day here or there that I've shown up in my Monkey Jacket, yoga pants and Uggs, but I try to keep those days to a minimum.  But this was my version of work appropriate PJ's.

Leggings-Forever21 // Long white tee-Old Navy {Thrifted} // Infinity Scarf-Forever21, November 2012 $10.80 // Puffer Vest-November 2012 {Thrifted} // Chuck Taylors-August 2012 $50 // Purse-Nine West {So old I don't even know where it came from!}

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Leather & Fur

It's no secret that I love my fur vest, I wear it every chance I get.  My roommate always makes fun of me and tells me it's the ugliest vest he's ever seen, but I don't care because I know it's on the top of fashion lists this winter! So Today, I was just going to wear my leather jacket as my coat, but being December in Ohio I didn't think it would suffice, so I decided to throw my fur over it to add a little more dimension to the outfit and a little more warmth.  {For faux fur that thing is warm!}

Oh! And I finally got some outside, non self mirror portraits taken that day-Yay me! {Don't get used to it, it was a lucky day I had lunch with a friend who said she'd take them for me.}

 Up close shot of my new red hair =) I love changing up my hair as often as possible!
Jeans-Forever 21, October 2012 $15.50 {similar} // Striped Shirt-Forever 21, August 2012 $5.80 // Scarf-H&M, November 2012 $14.95 // Leather Jacket-Wet Seal {old} // Fur vest-Ebay, October 2012 $20 // Shoes-COCONUTS BY MATISSE Clooney-Ideeli, September 2011 $37 {Similar}

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I have been combing the internet for a tulle skirt.  I've seen a few outfit ideas on Pinterest and knew I had to have one! It's so 'opening scene from Sex and the City' and I'm such a 'Carrie'.  Honestly, if it were age appropriate I'd wear a tutu every single day.  So this tulle skirt is perfect and I can't wait to make more outfits with it this winter. 

Embellished Collar Sweater-H&M, November 2012 $14.95 // Tulle Skirt-Ebay, November 2012 $22 // Boots-Neccessary Clothing-August 2012, $29.99 // Bracelets-Dirty Pretty Things {Seen here}

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another Pinterest Craft

This one didn't take as much skill as my sequin bib necklace, but I did get my first taste of spray painting and Man! Did I love it! I came in from outside giddy like a child telling Trey how much fun it was to spray paint things. I now see why graffiti artists do it regardless if it's against the law, because it's awesome! I just bought wood letters from Hobby Lobby and spray painted them with a chrome spray paint.  I have them laying down for now, but plan on hanging them on the wall.  {Maybe in our next dwelling because I'm pretty sure I've put enough holes in this apartment's walls.} 

Does any one have any other super simple crafts for home decor?  Or any other things I can spray paint?! I'm addicted! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Plaid and Sequins

Another Pinterest inspired outfit {Not an exact replica, but the idea of the plaid and sequins came from here} But I finally got a sequin tank on black Friday, so I had to create this outfit.  I didn't love the results, so I'll probably try again soon.

Plaid shirt-Thrifted // Sequin Tank-Express, November 2012 // 'Marcy' Riding boots-ShoeDazzle, November 2012 $39.95 // Bracelets-Pearl-Forever 21, Chainlink-Groopdealz {FREE} Seen Here.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Layers upon Layers

Today was one of those days that I had a base outfit, but somehow just kept layering on and layering on.  It started with a basic white tee with a skirt and leggings, then I added the black open top and scarf, then the hat, then the jean jacket.  It may be too much for some, but F*#% it! I stayed warm! 

Skirt-H&M, August 2012 // Scarf-Marshall's, Spring 2012 // Jean Jacket-Abercrombie and Fitch, Spring 2003 {The only reason I remember the date is because it was when I worked there} // Boots-Bakers, August 2011// Hat-Forever 21
Sally Hansen Insta Dri-Wined up