Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

I get very into Halloween, I love dressing up and coming up with creative costumes.  This year, inspired by Pinterest I decided to be something scary instead of something cute.  Well, I still ended up going the cutesy route after the creepy makeup was done, but it was a far cry from my standard Halloween costume.  Then of course, I had to make Trey be something similar so we had a "couples costume".

What did you dress up as for Halloween this year? I'd love to see your costumes =)


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Farewell Old Friend...

 Yesterday I said goodbye to my Eclipse =( It was a bittersweet day, it feels good to have her sold but I loved that car so much.  We've been through a lot together in the almost 7 years that I've had her.  Trips to Florida and Myrtle Beach, numerous drives to Cincinnati and Baltimore, we've even been stranded on the side of the highway together on a trip to Nashville that never happened due to a broken timing belt.  Anytime I was feeling down, all I had to do was hop in, put the top down and cruise around with some tunes and my thoughts till everything seemed right again.  

I feel like I'm closing out a chapter of my life, the Single, Party, Cruising around with the top down, blasting Britany Spears with my girlfriends Chapter, to open up my next Chapter: Wife and Mommy.  It's somewhat exciting to get to buy a new car, a somewhat larger car, one that will fit a car seat in the back, but I'm happy with the direction my life is going.  I'm a party girl at heart, so holding on to that car was something from my past that reminded me that I'm not old yet.  But at 28 years old, it's time to let go.  And maybe when my kids are grown, I'll get another convertible ;)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Neon Top-2 ways

I got this neon orange tank from Zara in NYC this summer.  I wore it once when the weather was still decent and thought that was the end of this tank till next summer.  Then, like any fashionista would, I found a way to remix it so I could wear it once the boots came out. 

First Look
Close up of details
Shoes-Colin Stuart, Victoria's Secret, November 2008
Necklace-Aldo, August 2012 $25
Belt-Necessary Clothing, August 2012, $7.99

Second Look
Sweater-Forever 21, June 2012 $11.99 // Necklace-Forever 21, May 2012 $12.80 {Similar here} // Boots-Necessary Clothing, August 2012 $29.99 {Similar style here}

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Late October + 77° = WHAT?!?!

It has been unseasonably warm this week here in Ohio and I am trying to take full advantage! Taking a few more breaks during the day to go sit outside with the smokers just so I can enjoy the sunshine, and of course finding a bar with a patio for Happy Hour ;) So I made it a point to take my outfit pictures outside today.  I love summer, but there is just something about those red and yellow leaves that make my heart happy.  I am jealous of Floridians most of the time, but on the right day, with those gorgeous leaves, it makes living in Ohio not so bad...

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White tee-Forever21 // Jacket-Burlington Coat Factory, Spring 2008 {Similar style here} // Belt-Thrifted // Flats-Target {Similar here} // Bow-Icing {Similar} // Necklaces-from my grandmother // Bracelets-Aldo & F21 {Similar here and here} // Watch-Kenneth Cole

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Splurge VS. Save

Splurge VS. Save

For this splurge vs. save piece, I went with these rhinestone bracelets that have 3 different price points.  Can you guess which is the most expensive? And which is the best deal?
The one to the far left is actually the most expensive, $68 from J. Crew.  The upper and lower ones are between $25-$30.  And the one in the middle to the far right is the least expensive {and possibly even my favorite!} for $6.80 at Forever 21.  I’m a huge fan of bracelet stacking, and I’d love the look of this paired with a rose gold watch. 

Necklace Wall

I got somewhat creative the other day (Also I was just frustrated with running out of room for all my necklaces, along with them constantly being a tangled mess) and put some nails in my closet wall to hang some of my necklaces.  (My landlord is going to be pissed!)  I later saw the cutest necklace hanger on Pink Peonies blog, but maybe that will be my next project {to cover all the holes I put in the wall already}

After all the banging-I'm sure my neighbors were loving me! 
Finished Project =)
{Not sure why it looks somewhat crooked?! I used a level and everything!}

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lace Cowgirl

Lace and tulle top-CutesyGirl {No longer in business} May 2012 $25 // Mint cardi-Target, April 2012 $10 {Similar style here} // Belt-Forever 21 {old} // Boots-Very Volatile Denver, Shiekh Shoes {On Sale here and similar here}, July 2012, Birthday Present from the fiance =)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Maxi & Boots

I've never really thought of a maxi skirt as a fall piece, but why not? It covers your legs and paired with boots, it's a perfect little fall ensemble.  I'm getting really into using dresses to make different outfits lately, {i.e. using the bottom as a skirt, or the top as a shirt} So that is what I did here.  The striped top is actually a striped dress.  I'm loving this concept! Instantly turned my wardrobe of 100 dresses into 200 new pieces!

Striped Dress-Forever 21, Fall 2011{Similar style here} // Maxi Skirt-Ebay, August 2012 $13 {$0.99+$11.99 for Shipping} // Boots-Very Volatile Denver, July 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Crochet Vest

This is sort of a plain outfit, but the addition of the crochet vest gave it a bit of dimension.  It was all about being comfy today. 

White V neck-Forever 21 // Crochet Vest-Express, May 2012 Had a $15 gift card, bought for $15 (Similar style here) // Boots-Bakers, August 2011 $130 // Necklace-Fredrick's of Hollywood, June 2011 $9.99

Friday, October 19, 2012

Dots and Stripes

I could have went two ways with this outfit this morning.  I originally paired the polka dot top with a leopard print scarf.  Then remembered that I had a navy and white nautical scarf and felt I liked the look better.  Maybe next time leopard print...maybe next time.

 AAAHHHH there we go, nice clear pic! Natural light is much better!

Polka dot top-Thrifted, October 2012 // Pencil Skirt-August 2012 {Similar style here} // Striped Scarf-H&M, September 2010 $13 // Pumps-Vince Camuto, Macy's August 2012 {On Sale $50} // Bracelets-Aldo/Forever 21, August 2012 {Similar here, here and here}

Thursday, October 18, 2012

October Wish List

October Wish List

October Wish List by marcyb15 featuring a faux leather mini skirt

Unfortunately I am planning a wedding, so I might be lucky enough to get one or two items on my wish list =( I am trying to take a shopping hiatus (I failed miserably in September) and only allowing myself to shop at thrift stores.  I have surprisingly gotten some amazing items.  There are rows and rows of blouses in all different styles and colors, I've gotten some really nice name brand tops and sweaters.  I did allow myself to purchase a similar faux fur vest as the one above.  And with sweetest day around the corner, I sent some suggestions to Trey ;) Sometimes that boy just needs a few hints. 

Happy Wednesday Fashionistas!  


Guess coat

Faux fur vest

Old navy


Lucky brand belt

Taryn Boot

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pastel Layers

My iPhone goes through phases of taking super blurry/grainy pics, to completely clear! I don't know what is going on with it! Siri must have a mind of her own and she was pissed at me this day! 

Jeans-Forever 21, Fall 2009 // Mint hi-lo top-Forever 21, June 2012 // Grey short sleeve sweater-Wet Seal (really old) // Yellow Cardi-Forever 21 (old) // Shoes-Colin Stuart, Victoria's Secret, Fall 2007 (Similar style here-definitely NOT cheaper!) // Necklace-Ebay, July 2012 $13.99.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gold Chain Necklace

I recently got this gold chain necklace at the thrift store and I love it! I've already worn it at least 3 times! I saw this version on Asos and feel pretty good about getting mine for $5.

Necklace-Thrifted, October 2012 $5 (Similar Style here) // Cream Blouse-Loft, Thrifted, July 2012 $2.00 // Green Jeans-Forever 21, January 2012 $15.50 (Similar) // Studded Belt-Necessary Clothing, August 2012 $7.99 // Snakeskin pumps-Aldo, October 2009 $50 (Similar styles here and here) // Bracelets-Forever 21, Summer 2009 (Similar style here and here)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Typical Monday

This is a typical boring Monday outfit for me.  I usually spend all night Sunday putting together really cute outfits for the week and by the time I pull myself out of bed Monday morning, none of those outfits are longer acceptable.  Mainly because they're too cute or too complicated for a Monday.   On Monday I just want to be cozy and as of late, warm.  I want to start my week off in the Marcy equivalent to sweats.  This outfit was exactly that.  Those pants are the softest, most stretchy, comfortable pants besides legitimate sweats, or leggings.  I was hesitant about buying them at first but I'm so glad I did.  I will likely order more in other colors.  Cardigans are pretty much like hooded sweatshirts to me.  They're warm, soft, but I don't look like a lesbian going to a college football game-No offense Rach! (My sister is a lesbian and loves her hooded sweatshirts) I would have opted for flats had I not bought the pants so long that I have no choice but to wear them with heels.  But I did choose an extremely comfy pair of wedges.  (I wore this outfit right before the weather broke when I could still get away with wearing sandals, not so much anymore as I sit here in my room freezing my bare tootsies off, time to bust out the big fuzzy winter socks apparently!)


Sweater-Express, April 2011 (On sale! $11.19) // Pants-Victorias Secret, May 2012 (On sale for $19.99) // Necklace-H&M, August 2012 $12.95 (Similar style here) // Watch-Nixon Time Teller (In Matte Thistle), July 2012, On sale for $38 from Department of Goods (Cheapest find here)