Friday, November 30, 2012

Craft Corner

So, for anyone who knows me, I'm lousy at crafts.  I always try, then mid-way through the project I just don't care anymore, and start to get sloppy.  {I think I have patience issues mixed with a little ADD.} But this was the first craft I'm pretty impressed with.  And it wasn't even a Pinterest craft! I sort of came up with it all my own, with a little help from a bib necklace with rhinestones I got from H&M. {Seen here} One of the ribbons broke one day and while I was trying to fix it, I realized that it was two pieces of felt glued together. {DUH!} We all have those inevitable 'duh' moments when we realize "Why didn't I think of that?!" So since then I've been dying to try something similar.

-Two pieces of felt, one normal square piece, and one with the sticky back to it.
-I used a hard cover of a magazine to cut out a bib pattern {the cover that comes on a magazine reminding you it's your last issue, like I have time for blogging and reading magazines!}
-E-6000 glue from Hobby Lobby, or any craft store.

-Gold sequins

-Black ribbon
All supplies were purchased at Hobby Lobby.

I used the pattern to draw on the felt and cut out one piece, then the other.  Next, I measured how long I wanted my ribbon to be to tie the necklace in the back {I just measured from my H&M necklace, unfortunately I didn't take note as to how long that was} cut 2 pieces and layed them on the sticky felt. {Don't peel off the sticky part until you are ready to make your next move, I tried doing it quickly before the stickiness wore off}  With a hot glue gun, I glued the ribbon to the felt then added a little extra hot glue across the whole thing for extra strength, then placed the regular felt on top of the sticky felt.  Next, I started at one end, using the E-6000 to glue down the sequins side by side.  I was in my second row when I realized that it would look better if I started over-lapping the sequins and also randomly flipping some upside down. This gave it a bit of dimension, as opposed to all the sequins facing forward.

  I continued row by row until I covered the whole bib.  I let it set and dry for about a day, and voila!

It was so simple and took me maybe an hour, but I can't wait to come up with more craft ideas! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Coach Factory Sale!

There is one day left to check out the Coach Factory Sale! over 700 items available for up to 70% off! Think Christmas Gifts =) You'll be forever loved and they'll never have to know you got up to 70% off!
 *Bonus-Save $50 when you spend $250!!
 *I do not own this photo, it was copied from the Coach website*

Splurge vs. Save

1. Skull Ring-Splurge {Dirty Pretty Things $28} Save {H&M $9.65}
2. Chevron design bangle- Splurge {Bauble Bar $32} Save {Forever 21 $13}
3. Bow Ring-Splurge {J. Crew $58} Save {Target $15}
4. Pave Diamond Bangle-Splurge {Bauble Bar $240} Middle {Posh Locket $80} Save {T+J Designs $24}
5. Bauble Necklace-Splurge {J. Crew $150} Save {Bauble Bar $38}
6. Rhinestone Bracelet- Splurge {Posh Locket $80} Middle {Forever 21 $20} Save {Forever 21 $15}

Sparkle jewelry


Bracelets bangle

J Crew bow jewelry

Crystal bangle bracelet

Crystal bracelet

H M sparkle jewelry
$9.65 -

Seafoam Chandelier

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blue, on Blue on Blue...

I typically wouldn't pair a chambray top with jeans.  I don't even follow 'fashion rules' and this is something I probably wouldn't do.  But I felt that with the polka dot cardi it sort of broke it up.  And like always, when I take a fashion risk, people notice.  I had a cashier tell me how much she loved my outfit and she wouldn't think to pair it together, but it works.  Thanks sales girl at the mall, you definitely know how to make a Fashionista's day :) I don't usually need praise for my outfits {if I like it, that is all that matters} but it is definitely appreciated!

 Chambray top-Forever 21 {similar style here} // Polka dot cardi-Target {Really wanting this bordeaux and pink polka dot cardigan here} // Necklace-Groupdealz {Similar can be found on Ebay} // Flats-Target {similar}

Monday, November 26, 2012

Special Guest-Men's addition

So my friend/co-worker/roommate TJ always makes fun of my fashion blog, but of course when he's all snazzed up for work one day, is like "You should put me on your fashion blog", so I thought it would be neat to have a guy special guest, as most other blogs I've seen featured women. {My sister will be making an appearance soon also} TJ is just like me and we love bargain shopping, so all of his clothes are budget friendly as well.

Vest- Apt.9 from Kohls $35 // Tie-Marc Anthony from Kohls $24.99 // Dress shirt-DKNY from Burlington: $20 // Paper Denim & Cloth Jeans from Marshalls $15 // Belt-Kenneth Cole Reaction from Burlington $15 // Shoes-Clarks Bushacre from DSW $45 // Watch-Zunammy from Jackthreads $19.99 // Ambiguous Brand Jacket from JackThreads $39.99.

JackThreads is a great site when shopping for your guy, they have really different clothes that are super affordable.  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pinterest Inspired

Another Pinterest inspired outfit.  It's amazing how many outfits I've made with stuff right in my closet, I just never thought to put it together {clearly I'm a cheater fashionista since I use Pinterest so much}
My Version

 Self mani-Sally Hansen, Insta Dry 'Wined up' Seriously dries in 60 seconds, but chips kind of fast =( I suggest purchasing the top coat also!
Top-Forever 21 {Similar here} // Skinnies-Marshalls {Similar} // Scarf-Target {Similar here} // Boots-Bakers {Similar} // Bracelets-Aldo

Monday, November 19, 2012


For anyone that has yet to check out Tobi, it's an amazing website with really affordable clothes! They sort of run their sales backwards, when the clothes first come out, they're 30% off, then after a few days they go back to regular price.  But right now, if you sign up you get 50% off your first order! Yes, 50% So sign up today to start shopping their amazing clothes for your holiday parties or NYE dresses at

I just purchased the Sequin Pencil Skirt 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Splurge Vs. Save

I was in Target the other day buying Trey the coveted Black Ops 2 game when I passed by the purses {I really should know better by now to put on my blinders when I walk into that store} and of course something caught my eye! I've been eyeballing this bag for quite sometime, and was thrilled to see it recently went on sale! Unfortunately I didn't want the tangerine color, I really wanted Pink, so I didn't get it.  But when I saw essentially the same bag in Target for $24.99 I new it was fate.  {Plus Trey gets a present, so that means I get one too, right?} I ended up buying it in Mint, not Pink, but I'm super excited about my purchase and Love Love Love the mint color! {It looks a little more teal in the pic, but I think that's because of the blue wall in the background}  Target has it in an array of colors! I suggest getting yours today! It's a perfect way to give that pop of color to your fall wardrobe.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Leopard Collar/Striped Dress

 Dress-Forever 21, September 2012 $14.80 {Somewhat similar dress here} Leopard button down-Thrifted, October 2012 // Boots-Victoria's Secret, August 2008 // Necklace-Groopdealz, August 2012 {Similar styles on Ebay}

This dress has been one of the most versatile fall pieces that I've purchased so far! I've already worn it 3 times {2 of the looks I didn't get pictures-damn!}The first time I wore a short sleeved sweater over the dress and this time, I wore a collared shirt under the dress. I love pattern mixing and think the leopard collar gave it a dressed up look for being a casual cotton dress.  Paired with leggings, boots, and of course the statement J. Crew necklace {knock off from Groopdealz}.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Biker Chic

I saw this outfit on Pinterest and decided to recreate it using colored pumps instead of colored jeans.

As always the person on pinterest looks 1000 times cuter than my recreations!
And I'm pretty sure that is either Eva Longoria or her twin sister! 

Pleather Jacket-Wet Seal, October 2010 $40 // Tank-Forever 21 (really old) // Pumps-Nine West, August 2012 (Got at Macy's on sale for under $20!) Similar Style here-Not budget friendly and here-On Sale for $38.49 // Necklace-Aldo, August 2012 $25

Long Sweater

Here we go again with another burnt orange piece of clothing.  I definitely love this sweater and completely over-wear it by the time winter is over.  I found this gem at TJ Maxx last fall and found the same one, if not, a similar version on DKNY's website for $195!!

Sweater-DKNY (Bought from TJ Maxx) Fall 2011 (Similar style here) // Sleeveless button down-Thrifted, July 2012 $0.75 // Flare Jeans-Forever 21, May 2008 $30 (Similar here) // Brown ankle boots-Charlotte Russe, Fall 2009 // Necklace-Thrifted, October 2012 $5 (Similar)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Color Blocking

I got away with wearing this skirt a few days before Sandy blew in, turning our weather from gorgeous fall, to winter's wrath. 

Skirt-Forever 21, September 2012 $8.99 {Similar} // Collar-Icing, October 2012 $16.50 // Wedges-Burlington Coat Factory, May 2012 $14.99.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

School Teacher

Lately, my blog titles have been coming from what people at work tell me I look like that day.  Today, was a school teacher.  I think it's the fact that I've been wearing my glasses due to an eye infection, but I can sort of see how this outfit looks a bit 'Teacher-y'

Sweater-Wet Seal (really old) Similar style here // White dress shirt-The Limited // Skirt-Target, August 2012 // Leggings-Forever 21 // Boots-September 2012 last seen here.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting Day!

No matter what party you represent, it is a privilege to vote!  So exercise your right to vote and get to the polls today! Rock that 'I Voted' sticker :)  

Pinterest Inspiration: I call this my Republican look.

White button down-The Limited {Really old from Gabriel Brothers} // Cardigan-Express {On sale for under $20!} Similar here // Pearl Necklace-Pinterest project, found here {took all my pearl necklaces and just tied ribbon to the ends, super easy!} // Black Pumps-BCBG, Marshall's $40.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Who doesn't love FREE?!

 Be the ultimate Budget Friendly Fashionista with this FREE {Yes, I said free} bracelet from Groopdealz! Just pay $3.95 shipping and the bracelet is yours! Get it today while supplies lasts!!!

*Disclaimer* I do not own the rights to the photo above, it was copied from Groopdealz website.

Kardashian Style

I was told at work today that I looked like a Kardashian, which I will take that compliment any day! They all have great style and always look so polished.  I didn't get a picture of my hair, but I had the sleek, Kardashian high bun going on which probably completed the look. 

Leggings-Express, April 2011 $11.19 // Blazer-H&M, August 2012 $25 // Necklace-J. Crew // Pumps-Bakers Shoes, September 2010 $80 // Bracelets-Aldo & Forever 21. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

October Buys

I was supposed to take a shopping hiatus this month {again!} but yeah, that didn't happen. I honestly didn't to too much damage this month, I'm getting better at self control.  I just keep thinking to my self "house,, wedding" until the urge to shop goes away.  Plus I had two really fulfilling trips to the thrift store nearby where I got a bunch of blouses, a few sweaters and 2 puffer vests! {One bright orange one for Browns tailgating}
                                                                                This side of the board is similar to my                                                                                          purchases from the Thrift Store.
Below are my purchases for the month

October Buys

Forever 21 top

Forever 21

Fake fur vest

Forever 21 skinny jeans

Bow jewelry

Forever 21