Friday, August 31, 2012

Get Your Own Budget Friendly Bubble Necklace!

GroopDealz has bubble necklaces in 9 different shades on their website NOW for $14.99 and only $2 shipping! That's even cheaper than Ebay!!! Get one today while they're still in stock!

What's your favorite color? How do you plan on styling this fabulous necklace?

Hope you have an amazing Labor Day weekend Fashionistas =)

*Disclaimer-I am in no way compensated for posting this deal, I just wanted to share the love so everyone can be a budget friendly fashionista :)
**I do not own any rights to the photo above, I am sharing it from Groopdealz website.

Last Call before Labor Day!

I don't believe there are fashion "rules" one must abide by, and if there are, well, I don't play by the rules.  But that didn't stop me from rushing to wear my white jeans right before Labor Day weekend.  I don't usually follow those types of fashion guidelines.  If you ask me, I think people who say you can't wear white after labor day or you can't wear black with brown honestly don't know anything about real fashion!  But there was still something that felt wrong about saving my white jeans for next week.  So I caved! But we'll see if I'm brave enough to wear them again this year!

Sheer blouse-Forever 21, June 2012 $15.80 (Similar styles here and here)
Jeans-Levi Strauss, Bought from Marshall's April 2012 $16.99 (Similar style from the Gap, on sale here for $17.99!)
Belt-Express, REALLY old, possibly summer 2003, I think it was $20 or so. (Similar knockoff here
Purse-Shoedazzle Cardiff, May 2011 $39.95
Watch-Nixon (in matte thistle) July 2012 $38 (No longer on sale, found here)
Necklace-Baker's, September 2010 $15 (Similar style here)
Wedges-Victoria's Secret, June 2012, On Sale now for $59

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nice Little Saturday...

Trey and I, along with our mothers spend last weekend in Cleveland.  We relaxed at the hotel Friday night, then Saturday we went to check out the West Side Market in Ohio City.  It's mostly a farmers market but there are a lot of other tents set up with people selling jewelry, tee shirts, spices and other miscellaneous things.  One of my favorite vendors was an old trailer turned into a vintage clothing shop.  I purchased a skirt for $10 and then a ring for $5 from another vendor.  We had an awesome lunch at The Great Lakes Brewery.  Great Lakes has the best beer I've ever tasted! I'm probably biased living in Ohio, but seriously, if you ever stumble upon any beer by Great Lakes, TRY IT! It's like a Sam Adams type beer times 1000! They have different seasonal beers, Lake Erie Monster in the spring/summer and their famous Christmas Ale which is usually completely sold out before Christmas even comes around. 

Later that evening we got to see the Indians beat the Yankees to break their 9 game losing streak! They had an amazing fireworks show after the game, then we headed to Cleveland's newest attraction the Horseshoe Casino

It was a wonderful weekend spent with mine and Treys families and I am so blessed that our parents get along and can take little trips together as a whole family :)

On a side note, Trey stayed at the casino late to play in a poker tournament and met A. Rod in the bathroom. Another one of his celebrity encounters, At least he didn't tell him he "wasn't that good looking" like he told Jason Aldean last year! 

Dress-Body Central, Summer 2006. Fedora-Target Feb. 2012. Cross body bag-DKNY, Feb. 2012 (From Marshalls) Belt-Came on a skirt from Target, May 2012. Sunglasses-Forever 21, Spring 2011.
 The silver bullet turned vintage clothing store
Vintage skirt $10
Ring $5 from a local vendor
My favorite part about baseball games...Throwing peanut shells on the ground!
 Beautiful day for some baseball-GO TRIBE!
And lastly the awesome fireworks show after the game.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NYC Shopping

I recently went to NYC on a girls trip.  We had a blast, roaming the city, singing and dancing in the subway station (Oh there is a video!) dining out, wedding dress shopping, and of course regular shopping.  I didn't plan on doing too much shopping simply because I was planning on buying a wedding dress.  But after not finding anything "Marcy" enough, my money was burning a hole in my pocket!

I said I would feature a blog about my NYC buys.  But honestly, they weren't THAT exciting.  I did way more damage last year, but I am planning a wedding, so my shopping has to be toned down a bit.  I got some other things that aren't listed here, but I'm sure I'll feature them in a blog post at some point.

 Vince Camuto pumps, on sale at Macy's for $47
 I've been eying boots like these since last winter, I finally gave in when I found a pair for $29.99 at Necessary Clothing
 The big necklace is from H&M I planned on doubling it up with the smaller one from XII or Forever21, which ever name you want to go by.  The bracelets are also from F21.
 I got some new gym clothes, I also got another pair of shorts from Nike. I work out 5x a week, so I'm constantly running out of gym clothes.  And I'm obsessed with neon gym clothes.
I have been looking for a lace bandeau top for awhile, so when PINK had them 2 for $28, I decided to get two! They'll go great under my sheer tops! 

I'm not sure if I'll actually wear this outfit together or not, but they're all pieces from H&M so I put them together in a little outfit.  Find them here and here, similar skirt here

I also got a bracelet and necklace from Aldo, white Chuck Taylors, a few other tops, some perfume (Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue) and of course some stuff for Trey.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Grey and Yellow

Grey and Yellow is one of my favorite color combos.  It's so bright and fun, even the most casual outfit just pops when grey and yellow are part of the mix.  This outfit is pretty boring, but I just love the stripes with the yellow.

Tank-Express $15.99, June 2011
Sweater with military buttons-Forever 21 (Similar style here)
Wedges-Michael Antonio, $54 April 2011.  I actually do not recommend these wedges, the extra platform makes it really difficult to walk on, this coming from someone who lives in heels.  And they were so heavy that they started ripping in the back along the heel, and were almost un-wearable after about 5-6 wears.  They are very cute, but not very practical.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Southern Belle

I'm far from a southern belle but I wanted to dress the part for a day.  My fabulous fiance got me these amazing western boots for my birthday that I spotted of a fellow bloggers site and I have been dying to wear them since July! Well, here we are a month later and I FINALLY got to wear my boots :) I wore them out later that night (I didn't get any pics) with white shorts, a neon yellow tee and a pink and black zebra scarf.  It was a weekday night and I was meeting Trey at his Fantasy Football draft so I didn't want to look too over dressed, but I wasn't ready to retire my boots for the night.  I'm not going to lie, I wanted to wear them again the next day! They are so comfortable and I love love love them!

 Dress-Forever 21, Boots-Very Volatile, July 2012 (Idk why they're now $79.99 I got them from the exact same site for $55.99 with an additional 20% off! Do a Google search for the best price!), Necklace-Forever 21, May 2012 $12.80-Similar Style here, Bracelet-Forever 21-Similar, Lace cardigan-Charlotte Russe.

Living in Ohio, we're not exactly the fashion capitol of, well, anywhere! So I got some mixed reviews on my boots.  Half the people were like "Why are you wearing cowboy boots?!" While the other half said things like "Damn girl! you're looking sexy in those boots!" I informed the questionable parties that western style boots were making a come-back this fall.  I'm sure they'll discover in a few short months that I was correct, as everyone and their mom will be out and about sporting cowboy boots not just to the Dusty Armadillo (our local country bar) or a Jason Aldean Concert. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Little Late to the Chuck Taylor Party...

My parents had a picnic over the weekend because my aunt was visiting from Alaska.  I usually like to dress up and wear skirts or sundresses to picnics, but I've been dying to wear my new Chucks.  Yes, it's almost 2013 and I JUST purchased my first pair of Chucks.  My problem was I never knew what color I wanted, then couldn't decide between hi tops and low tops, so I just never bought any.  But while in NYC last week I saw so many girls dressing down skinny slacks, a white tee, and blazer with white Chucks and I just loved the concept.  This is still a casual outfit, but I'm sure later this week I'll try out the chucks with a blazer.

Top-Abercrombie and Fitch, 2004 (I used to work there, I'm pretty sure that's when I bought it)
Shorts-Forever 21, February 2012, $12.90  Similar style here.
Necklace-J. Crew knockoff, Ebay, July 2012, Check out on this post.
Shoes-Converse Store, August 2012, $49.99

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Do you see the light bulb going off?

Today's outfit is actually a little old.  It was the first outfit I wore that I started thinking to myself "Maybe I should start a fashion blog for the monetary challenged".  Like most outfits, I stole the idea off Pinterest.  I do have my own, weird fashion inspiration that I can not explain, but the majority of my inspiration is thanks to Pinterest.  Pre-Pinterest I would rip out the pages of Fashion magazines and catalogues or I'd take screen shots of outfits I'd see online.  Then when I'd hit a fashion wall, I could bust out my binder of magazine scraps and my "Outfits" folder on my computer to see what I could throw together using stuff I already had.  I like to think I was "pinning" before Pinterest even existed.  My sister used to tell me it was cheating, but I just needed that little extra creativity on how to put my clothes together.

So, it all started one sunny afternoon during lunch.  My co-worker borrowed our Creative Directors camera to practice his photography, so I stopped for a moment, and told him to take a picture of my outfit, and here starts the beginning of Budget Friendly Fashionista! Now, if only I had access to that camera on a daily basis! Damnit! 

Dress-Forever 21, Spring 2011 (Similar style here)
Sweater-Target, April 2012 (Similar)
Belt-Forever 21, Spring 2011
Headband-Forever 21 (Similar in Black)
Boots-Bakers, August 2011 (Similar Pair)
Aviators-Marshall's, February 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

From Day to Night

This past weekend I met a friend and her boyfriend for dinner, then I was meeting another friend out at the bars afterwards for a night of drunken shenanigans.  I wanted to wear something that I could easily transform from the outdoor lakefront restaurant, to the trashy college-aged bar scene.  

Tank-H&M, August 2012 $7.95 (Similar style here)
Vest-Express, May 2012 $29.50 (used a $15 gift card to get it for $15) Similar style here.
Skirt-Target, August 2012, On sale for $15
Wedges-Victoria's Secret, May 2012, On sale now for $59
Necklace-Vintage jewelry from my Grandma. (Similar Style here)
Now off to the bar, I just traded the casual skirt for a tight floral print skirt from Wet Seal. (On sale now for $8.99)

Monday, August 20, 2012

The morning after a double...

There is a reason I didn't get any face shots in these pictures.  I was beyond tired after working at the design firm all day, then the bar all night.  I was sporting no makeup and my glasses from High School. My newer glasses were still packed from my NYC trip.  I sent the majority of my stuff back with my Fiance's mom. She drove, I flew, but I only wanted to take a carry on. Unfortunately for me she still has ALL my stuff, including all my NYC buys, which I'll dedicate a blog post to.

Regardless, this was a pretty mindless outfit I threw on this morning.  I've worn this top with a much cuter outfit before I started this blogging adventure.  And we all know the rules about when I can wear it again...pretty much never! Well, at least not to work again, maybe on a weekend, or if I go out of town. 
Top-Forever 21, June 2012 $11.99 (Similar style here)
Jeans- 7 For All Mankind, July 2007, On Sale at Saks, $120
Cami-Walmart (My new spot to buy all my shelf bra cami's-so cheap!)
Wedges-Steve Madden, July 2009, On Sale $50 (Found them on another budget fashion blog, wow! am I late to the party!)
Necklace and Watch-Clearly they're my go-to jewelry, Proof, and again here.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fall Colors

Apparently I'm getting a little excited for fall.  Burnt orange is one of my favorite fall colors.  I never realized it until last year when it seemed a good portion my new fall clothes were burnt orange.  It could be the fact that I'm a die hard Cleveland Browns fan (you'd have to be die-hard to keep rooting for that team), but there is just something about that deep orange that gets me all warm and fuzzy inside.  This outfit was pretty simple to put together and was very comfortable.  Just a stretchy cotton skirt with a loose tank and pleated open cardigan, as Forever 21 called it.  I felt the wedges dressed it down just a bit and gave it a more casual feel.  I don't like getting overly dressed up for work, since our design firm is such a casual laid-back atmosphere.

Tank-Express, June 2011 $11.99
Skirt-Forever 21, Fall 2011 (Similar style here)
Open Jacket-Forever 21, June 2012 $10.99 (Similar style here)
Wedges-Steve Madden, August 2009 On Sale at Macy's for $59. (Similar Pair)
Necklace-Aldo Accessories, December 2011
Watch-Kenneth Cole, December 2011

On a side note can you believe August is half over?! There are only 2 weeks left of summer =( How did this happen??? I love fall and can't wait to bust out my boots, but hate to retire all my sandals and sundresses that never even got to make an appearance this summer! Hope the next 2 weeks are full of sunshine and sandals :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wedding Protocol

Trey and I attended a wedding last weekend.  Any time I'm getting ready for a wedding, I can't help but reflect back on a message from my dad before a close family friend was getting married.  This text immediately got put up on Facebook by my older sister and was an instant hit.  I think we finally figured out where we get our sense of humor and wittiness from.

This is an actual text from my dad to my sister:

Wedding protocol - We all will not get like drunken sailors and hooligans. Act like civilized and sophisticated college graduates with first class manners. Just because the booze is free, doesn't mean you have to drink it all... You are on drink probation, one per hour. No dance moves that bring attention to me or your mother's inability to raise model children. Pass this on to your movie-star-wannabe sister, Marcy. 

I got a follow-up text shortly after:

Next reminder-how about wearing dresses that actually cover your tits and ass, since this isn't Jersey Shore. Impress me like it's an Amish meet and greet. 

Oh I love when my father tries to give us advice! Although It's really hard to take him seriously.  

I'm not sure this outfit would be "Chuck Approved" but I thought it was pretty cute.  I originally had a whole different outfit picked out, but I went to the mall that day to buy Trey a new shirt and tie and saw these shoes and had to have them! They were the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on! So, I then changed my whole outfit to go around the pumps.  

Dress-Tobi, February 2012, $28 (Similar style here
Necklace-J. Crew, July 2012 $13.99 (Purchased from Ebay
Envelope Clutch-Thrift Store, July 2012 $1.50
Pumps-Nine West, July 2012, on sale for $20 (Similar style here)



Monday, August 13, 2012

Green Jeans

These green skinnies were my first venture into colored pants.  I saw this picture on Pinterest and knew I had to have them!  I've duplicated that outfit she's wearing a few times.  But this time I wanted to do 2 bright colors.  I loved the way the pink and green just popped! Then the black over top toned it down and broke it up.  I ran out of time before work this day, so I had Trey snap a picture once I got home.

Jeans-Forever 21 $15.50, January 2012
Top-Charlotte Russe (So old I'm not even sure when I got it)
Black open knit top-TJ Maxx $12.99
Belt-Target, May 2012 (it came on a skirt that is no longer available, but similar style here)
Wedges-Wet Seal, Summer 2010 (On Sale for $10!) Similar style here and here 

Below is another way I've worn the green jeans.  Don't mind the ridiculous cropping of the pics, I was out at a bar and was just trying to capture the outfit and not the randomness going on around me. LoL

Top-Forever 21, Fall 2008
Shoes-Victoria's Secret, August 2010

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Leaving Las Vegas

While vacationing in Las Vegas this past March, three weeks after getting engaged, Trey and I had a chance to sneak away from the city for the afternoon to visit Valley of Fire State Park. It's there where we got the opportunity for his cousin to snap a few engagement photos and  I wanted to share them because I love them so much! There's just something about being dressed up in the middle of the desert that gave me this vintage feel. I'd like to think it's how my grandparents dressed when they traveled out west by car, because you know, that was the era when men and women still dressed up. And it was also a time when things moved at a slower pace, and people still had time to stop and take in the scenery. It was such a wonderful day with my fiance that I'll cherish for years to come. I hope you love the photos as much as I do!


More Engagement Photos to come...

Monday, August 6, 2012

90° = Scarf Weather

The thing I hate about summer, is a glorious 85° day, where I want to wear shorts and a tank top, but I'm stuck having to dress warm for the office.  Because despite the thermostat being set on 73, it feels like 50! So I thought I'd dress up a rather dull outfit with a scarf and wedges. 

Top-Victoria's Secret, really old!
Jeans-Forever 21, also really old. 
Scarf-Forever 21, May 2012 (Similar Style here)
Wedges-Victoria's Secret, May 2012
Wrap bracelet-Bakers, September 2010 (Tutorial on how to make your own!)