Friday, September 28, 2012

Professional Hippie

I was leaving for Philly last Friday, and wanted something that was cute for work, but was also comfortable for driving a car 7 hours.  I headed over to the liquor store on my lunch break because I remembered PA has weird alcohol regulations, you can only buy beer and liquor at certain stores, not like Ohio where you can buy beer at the gas station and liquor at Wal-Mart.  So as I'm waiting in line to pay for my beer and grab a bottle of vodka for the weekend some dude yells over at me "Hey! I've never seen professional hippie before, can I have your autograph?" Keep in mind this was at noon on a Friday, so the quality of people in a liquor store at this time of day was a little questionable,  although I was there...but I had good cause!

Scarf head band-Forever 21 $3.80, July 2012 (Similar here) // Chambray Top-Forever 21 $21.80, July 2012 // Leggings-Forever 21 $4.80 // Necklace-Vintage, from my Grandmother // Bracelets and Watch-Forever 21, KR Designs, and Kenneth Cole // Boots-Break 3 $32.99, September 2012, Last seen here. Also found here and here.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Totally Random, Non Fashion Related Blog Post

As I was going through pictures on my phone the other day I realized I have over 400 pics on my iPhone, most are outfit/fashion pics, but there are so many others that took me down memory lane, starting with my trip to Vegas in March.  So I decided to share some pics of my life from the past 6 months.  I don't live the most exciting or glamorous life, but damnit, I have some f*ing fun along the way!
Tao-Las Vegas with my cousin, sister and myself. 
Not sure why it looks like the sun is out and we're all squinting??
Before heading to Wet Republic at the MGM
St. Patty's Day in Vegas-It was actually really cold and rainy! And sunny and beautiful in Ohio that day-go figure!
My new running kicks for the Cleveland 1/2 Marathon I ran in May
At the KY Derby, who doesn't love big hats?!
Partying at Ohio's party Island, Put-in-Bay.
My sister loves to give drunk sharpie tats.  I rocked it for the day, it's Put-in-Bay!
"I'm outdoorsy in that I like getting drunk on patios"
Summer night out with my girlfriends
A friends wedding this past June with my Love <3
Lazy day hair-Lady Gaga hair bow
At a party after the fireworks on July 4th, Trey found that shirt and wore it the rest of the night! It was VS Pink! haha
Clearly fireworks bring out the lovey doveyness in all of us :)
Night out at our hometown's local bar
Dinner at the South side Seaport in NYC
Long Island Iced Tea party at my bosses house, made in those giant gatorade jugs! Let's just say I am NEVER EVER drinking long islands again!
Tailgating before the Browns home opener!
We may not win games, but we know how to party!
Win or Lose-WE BOOZE!
My absolute favorite Fall beer-Southern Tier Pumking, tastes like pumpkin pie!
After Dayglow in Philly, it poured rain, so the paint splattering didn't get its full effect.  

Just a little peek into Marcyville...hope you had fun! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crochet Skirt

I have two different looks with this crochet skirt I got earlier this summer from Wet Seal.  The first, I wore to my 10 year class reunion, *shudder* where has the time gone?! The other to a club in NYC.

  Necklace-Ebay, June 2012 $8.99 // Sheer sleeveless blouse-Forever 21, June 2012 $15.80 (Similar)
Lace back Tank-Forever 21, January 2012 $7.80 // Necklace-Forever 21 // Clutch-Thrifted, July 2012 $1.50 // Pumps-Bakers, September 2010 $80 (Similar)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Plaid and Spikes

I posted earlier this month about my splurge vs. save plaid shirt I got in NYC.  I got the whole outfit at Necessary Clothing.  I finally got around to wearing it and it was quite a hit! Multiple people in my office said they loved my shoes and another guy (married, totally not hitting on me) told me that he loves my outfits and the way I dress.  It was definitely a good day to be acknowledged for the effort I put into getting dressed in the morning.  I used to be pretty lazy before I started this blog, I had a lot of cute stuff, but the chances of me waking up early enough to actually put together a complete outfit just didn't happen that often.  So, now I pretty much don't leave the house unless my outfit is something to write home about...or more-so write on here about.   

*I don't know why these pictured turned out so blurry, I think my phone had something on it, because these pictures are blurry as shit! But they came out clear this weekend...No Clue?!

Spike Flannel Top-Necessary Clothing, August 2012 $29.99 (Similar style here) // Hi Low Skirt-Necessary Clothing, August 2012 $26.99 // Belt-Thrifted // Boots-Necessary Clothing, August 2012 $29.99 (I had been looking for boots like these for over a year! I'm so happy I finally found them, in my size, and affordable!) Similar Styles here and here.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Jeweled Collar LBD

Since seeing this dress on Pink Peonies blog, I have been drooling over rhinestone collar dresses.  This Kate Spade dress is just amazing! But $548, I wish! I stumbled across a similar style from ASOS, that I immediately fell in love with because it was more in my price range.  I say 'more' but I still couldn't justify spending $130 on a dress either.  If there was no other option, I may have went for it, but after going shopping at my trusty Forever 21, I realized there are even more affordable options! Not exactly as cute, but definitely do able. I actually opted for a plain black dress with a similar shape that I plan on wearing with a rhinestone collar necklace.  I figured it would be more versatile and I can wear the dress more than just a few times, and even after the rhinestone collar phase passes. But I wanted to share this amazing dress and the other affordable options.

Your BFF,


Kate Spade-Kimberly Dress $548
ASOS $129.35
Tobi-Lina Sequin Collar Dress $48
 Forever 21-Sequined Collar Dress $24.80
Forever 21-Collared Bodycon Dress $19.80
This one would make a fun little fashion project and you could glue your own rhinestones to the collar.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Girls Night Out

This was our last night out in NYC last month.  We unintentionally dressed alike, Lauren and Chelsea bought similar colored hi-low dresses at different stores and both wanted to wear their new buys, while I planned on wearing a black satin dress that to my horror had gotten a tad short on me and the slit in the back pretty much showed my ass.  So Kelliann let me borrow something from her Express collection of clothing, and I threw that skirt on over the dress since I liked the boobage I was getting from that sweetheart top ;)

Your BFF,


  Black Dress (Worn as a top)-Forever 21 // Skirt-Express // Heels-Aldo, Spring 2009 (my first purchase after giving up shopping for Lent that year, what was I thinking?!) // Belt-Charlotte Russe.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Florals

I actually wore this outfit earlier this month, but hadn't gotten around to posting it. I was trying to get a few last outfits worn before it was time to say sayonara to my floral prints and sleeveless blouses.  I thought the pink pumps really gave it a burst of color and a touch of fall.  Had I worn wedges or open toes, it would have been a tad summery for September.

 WHY are photos taken in my room so blurry?!?!

 Yet these two pics, taken the same day are crystal clear?!

Blouse-H&M, August 2011 // Skirt-Charlotte Russe (old) // Pumps-Nine West, Macy's August 2012 (on sale for less than $20!) // Purse-Thrifted, July 2012 // Bracelets-Aldo, August 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


One thing that I do look forward to with the transition from summer to fall is getting to wear boots.  I don't know what it is, but I know every girl anticipates it! There is just something unexplainable about that feeling of wearing boots again...until about midway through winter and I just want to wear sandals again! It's definitely a bittersweet time of year, retiring all my sandals and wedges and dusting off my old boots.  But I even have a song that I listen to that gets me so pumped up about boots!  Check it out below! "My Boots" by Lights.

I absolutely love Lights, she's one of my favorite artists! She's from Canada and isn't huge in the US yet, but I've seen her live 3 times and met her twice.  She is an absolute sweetheart and her music is awesome! 
My sister and I with Lights at one of her Concerts. 
Below are my favorite boots I can not wait to wear this fall/winter! 

 Necessary Clothing-August 2012 $29.99 (Similar Styles here and here) They also come in an array of colors! I'd love to get a bright, fun pair!
 Birthday Present from the fiance :) Very Volatile-Denver boot, July 2012 Shiekh Shoes $53.74 (Cannot find them on sale ANYWHERE anymore, cheapest place I've found them is Ebay. 2 pairs left in size 7 only)
 Tularosa Belt Knit Uggs-Victorias Secret, December 2011 $139.99 (No Longer Available) Now on Zappos for $200
Ankle Booties-Aldo, December 2009, Gift from old boyfriend. 
 Breckelles Rider-Amazon, December 2011 $39.99
 Break 3-Barefeet Shoes, September 2012 $32.99 (Similar style here)
 Cuffed Suede Over the Knee Boot-Victoria's Secret-August 2010 $188
Baker's-Bradford boot, August 2011 $130