Friday, January 4, 2013

Jamberry Nails

My newest nail obsession-Jamberry Nails.  My friend had a party where I got to try them out and I'm hooked! I always see these cute nail designs on Pinterest and never can figure out how they get them to look so good! Because they're not nail polish, most likely they are vinyl nail stickers!  You use a blow dryer to activate the heat on the sticker then place them on your nail and smooth them down.  I only used one as a nail accent, then painted the rest of my nails with polish.  Not even 3 days later the polish was chipping off and the sticker was still perfectly in place!  You can get about 3-4 manicures with each sheet of stickers and even do your toes! 
This was from the first day I put on the nail decal.
This is Day 27! 
I even changed up the other polish 3 times to make them different with the same decal design.  You can see how grown out the nail decal is, but how perfectly in place it still is.  To remove, you re-activate the glue with a blow dryer again and peel off. I plan on using the mint with gold tips next :)


  1. Wow, these seem to work great. I have never heard of this but will be checking them out.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. They are a little tricky at first to get on, but are definitely worth the time because they last forever!

      Thanks for reading :)


  2. This is the coolest thing ever. especially because i suck at painting my nails! that decal is adorbs!!

    1. Haha! So do I! I have no patience and mess them up before I'm even finished! lol