Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Foods That Got Me Through My Whole30

This is just a list of things that got me through my Whole30.  It's purely based on my tastes and what I like.  I'm a definite condiment queen, so giving those up was hard because on previous diets I'd smother my diet food in sugar condiments, which I now realize kept me from losing the weight.

Almonds and mixed nuts (unsalted of course with no peanuts)

Mustard. I bought this Cadia brand. 

NutPods.  A Whole30 compliant Coffee creamer (Didn’t discover I could use these till day 20)

La Croix (Pretend its pop at lunch, pour it in a wine glass and pretend it’s a wine spritzer at dinner)

Tessemae’s dressing I discovered it pretty early on but couldn’t find it anywhere, I finally ordered it from LuckyVitamin.com with about 10 days left.  Check the shipping map because I didn’t pay for the expedited shipping even though it recommended me to.  It looked like shipping to my area only took a day. I ordered it on Thursday and received it Friday. The Zesty Ranch is probably the best dressing I've ever eaten, Seriously! Diet or not, I will forever use the Zesty Ranch, I love it! I also got the Lemon Garlic, the Ketchup and the BBQ sauce. 

Coconut covered Date rolls. These fall under the “Sex with your pants on” category.  I didn’t care, I needed a “dessert” from time to time. I found them at Kriegers in their nuts and dried fruit section, but you can find them probably anywhere. 

Sliced banana with almond butter and coconut

Same as above but with apple slices

Cucumbers. I ate cucumbers a lot, as a snack, as “chips” and when I’d get home from work at 3am and wanted something to eat before bed I’d eat cucumber slices in bed.

Dried plantain chips with salt. They taste exactly like potato chips, no joke! 

Fresh Pico De Gallo-I put that shit on everything!

Frozen Blueberries. I don’t know why but these just really do it for me, they have to be frozen though.

LaraBars and Pressed by Kind bars. Still check the ingredients, because the chocolate and peanut butter ones are not compliant.  They say to only use them as an emergency when on the go, which I did, but also when the emergency was, I was hungry and wanted a snack!

Dried Apricots without sulfates. It said to limit dried fruit but it was another one of those quick easy snacks that really satisfied a lot of cravings for me.

The most obvious one of all! Zucchini noodles!! I bought a Spiralizer early on and made zucchini noodles with EVERYTHING!

The last one is also kind of obvious, but multiple, multiple spices and seasonings! I probably doubled my cupboard during Whole30.  Garlic Powder, Vegetable blend, Adobo Seasoning, Sea Salt, Cumin, just added spices to everything and my recipes turned out pretty darn good!

I think that wraps up most of the things that helped me keep my sanity during all this. 

The best advice I can give during Whole30 is, just focus on the foods you like that you can have, and stick to those. I know variety is probably the goal for this diet, but once I just figured out what I liked that I could have, I didn’t really feel like I was giving anything up because I was still eating all foods that I loved. 

I'm on day 28 today, so check back for some favorite recipes and my results in a few days! 

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  1. Technically, Plantain chips are not compliant due to the oil they are cooked in, from what I read. They are a good snack once the 30 days are up, though.