Friday, March 31, 2017

...The Results Are In!

It seems like everyone these days wants to lose weight without doing anything. They’re looking for some quick, easy fix. I will tell you, this was not quick and it was not easy! I’ve done CrossFit in the past for a solid 7 months and this was probably even harder than that! I only did CrossFit about twice a week, so even those excruciating workouts I only did about 56 of them in that 7 months.  Since January 16 I had worked out EVERY SINGLE DAY for I think around 63 days! Then I might have only skipped one day and went another streak working out every day. And now I’m about every other day, which I think I need to get back to every day again.  
But it was hard, really hard, especially when most of the time I needed to get it done with 2 kids crawling all over me! I’ve spent hours and hours in the kitchen cooking and meal prepping and sending Trey to the grocery store after work for Arrowroot Powder because I needed it for a recipe and I don’t even know what it is. Sitting through a dinner out at a restaurant STARVING and not ordering a single thing besides water because I don’t think anything from their menu is Whole30 compliant. Going on vacation and not having the mindset “Well I’m on vacation, so I’m going to eat and drink what I want” I worked out EVERY DAY I was on vacation, and I went to the grocery store when we got there and bought healthy food and meal prepped. The only way I “cheated” was from drinking (I even tried drinking healthier drinks, no beer) and I think I had 2 cheat meals on vacation. I hear people say all the time “I’m supposed to be on a diet, oh, but ONE wont kill me” (one of whatever they’re trying to justify to themselves, a cookie, slice of cake, ice cream sundae) but guess what, it wont kill you but it will kill your diet and your progress. You need to change that mindset to one WILL kill you! ONE slip up will make all the difference and ruin EVERYTHING you’ve worked for this entire time! At least during the Whole30. Give it the 30 days, and then after you get the results you want, then find a livable option that works for you. I’m technically done today. But I plan on having a little “cheat weekend” that will consist of cheating on healthy desserts, some alcoholic beverages and protein shakes.  Then I’m starting right back with the same diet on Monday, maybe just not quite as strict. I’ll tweak it to how it fits my life, but if I start to notice I’m gaining then I’ll have to cut back on things. I’m going to allow myself a cheat meal on Wednesdays and Saturday (or Sunday, depending what’s going on that week) That way, any time I feel like I want to cheat there’s a cheat meal coming up that I am certain I can save it for then.  If I’ve gone 30 days already I can certainly go 2-3 without giving in to my cravings.
Now I wasn’t able to do this all alone.  I have to give credit where credit is due.  First shout out is to my sister, Erica for introducing me to Whole30, doing the diet first, and showing me it can be done! Then sharing all the tips and tricks to getting by! Pete Nelson the amazing trainer who has busted my ass since January 16 with his awesome workout program I was able to do from home, while cheering us on via the Facebook group. There’s another group starting April 1 and I’m tempted to start it again! Just for the motivation to workout every day again. AmandaCunningham for the clean eating group I joined when I first started and learning about clean eating and getting me on the right path that once I finally did decide to try Whole30 it didn’t seem so bad anymore.
I started watching what I was eating right after Christmas, I stopped eating fast food and just bad stuff in general, but still wasn’t eating very healthy. I weighed about 146lbs. Once I started the 30 day workout Challenge and started clean eating I weighed 141.8 (on January 16) After the challenge was over I weighed 136.4 but was down to about 134 at my lowest. When I started Whole30 on March 1 I weighed 136.8 and finished at 133.8. So between the 2 pictures there is only a 3lb difference, but the results are so much more than a number on a scale! The day I took my “before pictures” that was the only swimsuit that “fit” me. It was the biggest top and largest bottoms (in size, not coverage lol) and I was spilling out of both! Now I don’t even think I could wear those bottoms because they are so loose I’d be afraid they’d fall right down in the pool.

Sorry for the poor quality of these pictures, I never intended on sharing them with anyone, they were for my own person reference, but I just had to share to inspire other! Not to mention the embarrassing "Before" Pic. 

It was weird waking up today and being like, "I can eat whatever I want today!" But it’s like, I still feel nervous to eat anything too crazy. I made a fried egg and paleo bacon for breakfast and treated myself with a piece of goat milk fudge I bought for this specific day. I still drank my coffee black, but one thing I definitely want over this cheat weekend is a good coffee drink from Dunkin or Starbucks! That is going to be a huge splurge for me! Haha!
I still plan on writing more posts with recipes and other info, so keep checking back! 

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  1. I have to disagree with your introduction. For me, the Whole30 was the easiest weight I ever lost. I honestly felt like I didn't really "do" anything. AND it only took 30 days to lose 15 lbs (results vary).