Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Fun + Sunday Funday

Happy Summer everyone! I am so thrilled that summer is finally here and NE Ohio actually got the memo! The weather has been gorgeous, and I couldn't be happier! {aside from the sunburn, but it comes with the territory!} 

A few photo's from this weekend, we headed to our hometown for the 27th Annual Newton Falls Car Show, it's a small town thing, we go every year, it would be a tragedy to miss it! 

 My cousin Jenn and I, we could totally pass for sisters!
When you see it...Jenn photo bombing me!
Mint Chevron Jamberry nail decals :)

Then Saturday night we took a party bus for my girlfriend's birthday.
The only pic of all the girls...and it's in the bathroom! Classy! 

Then we woke up Sunday morning and just decided to keep the party going, so we crashed a local apartment complex pool and had our own little Sunday Funday, homemade jorts were definitely present! 
Yes, we actually cut a pair of jeans to make jorts since he didn't have his swim trunks.

Shout out to Dr. G-Holler!

Well that's about my weekend in a nutshell.  It was great to spend the first official summer weekend with my family, fiance and some great friends!
Back to the standard outfit post tomorrow.

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