Monday, March 10, 2014

24 Weeks-Party Pants!

Sorry to my readers (all 2 of you, lol) that I have not been keeping up on my pregnancy fashion posts.  I mainly blame this harsh, harsh Ohio winter we have been having that I have not had it in me to dress cute enough to blog about.  It's been below zero more days than I can count and that kind of weather just drains all of my fashion energy. Old comfy sweaters and leggings have been a staple, there has been nothing to see on this prego.  But the calling of temperatures in the mid 50's today prompted me to bust out my rarely worn Tory Burch flats and a new buy from Target.  I have never in my life felt so guilty about buying 2 tops from Target, but I wanted to get a few large shirts in my wardrobe before I actually needed them.  

Another reason I haven't been blogging, is that I haven't bought any new clothes since before Christmas! I never thought I'd be able to tighten up my purse strings, but it's amazing what the fear of becoming a mother will do to you.  In our marriage, I am the spender, Trey is the saver. But since I've been pregnant I get on him about every penny we spend.  I'm constantly telling him we can't afford things, and worried about our budget, but in all reality we are doing fine. I bought 2 tops and a the white tank underneath for $40 and had horrible buyers remorse (but not enough to return them). I'm hoping with spring on the horizon I'll get back to my old self and get some cute summery maternity wear. 

  Pants-Forever 21, September 2012 {Similar} // Top-Target {February 2014 $16.99} // Flats-Tory Burch 'Caroline' {August 2013 $225}

No bump in this pic, I bought the top in a Large for when I do get bigger I have a few summery tops to fit my growing bump.  But I am thankful that starting my 6th month of pregnancy I can still fit into my faux leather pants :)

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