Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dressing for 2...

...or should I say 4!  I felt prepared to dress for 2, I had a lot of things in my wardrobe that I knew would double at 'Maternity wear' once I got bigger, but the one thing I wasn't prepared for was how big my boobs would get! A lot of clothes still fit my belly, hell, my jeans all mostly still fit! It's the days I want to put on a dress with a blazer and tights that will fit my belly, to my surprise won't fit my chest anymore! Today, I had to improvise! I have 2 adorable cotton shelf bra dresses from Victoria's Secret that I knew would be perfect for showing off my baby bump.  Unfortunately the shelf bra, which used to be the dresses best feature, was limiting today because my knockers would not fit into the tiny 'shelf'.  I had to end up wearing a bra with it, so you couldnt see the elastic line across the middle of my chest, and putting on a tank underneath, then throwing a scarf over to hide the tank.  It ended up working out, but made for a frustrating morning for an otherwise simple outfit. 

Dress-Victoria's Secret {Similar} // Sweater-Forever 21   // Scarf-Forever 21 {Similar} // Belt-H&M {Similar} // Shoes-Gianni Bini, Dillards

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