Thursday, March 13, 2014

H&M Maternity Wear

Finding cute maternity clothes has been a harder task than I thought.  When I got pregnant I figured I could wear a lot of the things I already owned for awhile (which I have) But now a lot of my shirts are looking just a little too short and tight in the belly area.  So I decided it was time to upgrade to some cute maternity clothes.  I thought to myself, "It's 2014, there should be plenty of cute, fashion forward maternity clothes out there".  Wow was I wrong! I was pleasantly surprised to find that H&M has a maternity section, along with ASOS, but I was highly disappointed in the selection at some other retailers.  Apparently just because you're pregnant, you are no longer allowed to be cute, you must look homely and dare I say it, like a MOM! Granted, I'm 29 years old, it's not like I'm 16 and pregnant, but it doesn't mean I want to start looking like I shop at Cold Water Creek (no offense, Mom) Here are a few of my faves from H&M, standby for an ASOS post coming up next week!

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