Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Friday!

It's been officially my first week as a blogger.  (Too bad I have no audience, yet!) But I'm just getting into the habit of snapping some quick pics of my outfits before work and making sure I sign on here and write about them.  I really thought it would take up more time than it actually does.  Today I took another tip that I've seen on other fashion blogs, and I wore a dress as a skirt.  I've never layered a shirt OVER a dress before, I usually would layer a shirt under, but I liked this concept.  Especially because the top of the dress is a greenish teal and I was dying to wear my teal wedges again but it was just WAY too much teal. So I layered this beige top over my strapless dress from target and voila!

Dress-Target, April 2012
Tied up tee-H&M August 2011
Wedges- Breckelle's Cilo (Similar style here) February, 2012
Purse-Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, RENT ME!
Necklaces-Vintage, from my Grandma's old jewelry from the 1940's
Ring-Forever 21 (really old) Similar style here

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