Friday, November 30, 2012

Craft Corner

So, for anyone who knows me, I'm lousy at crafts.  I always try, then mid-way through the project I just don't care anymore, and start to get sloppy.  {I think I have patience issues mixed with a little ADD.} But this was the first craft I'm pretty impressed with.  And it wasn't even a Pinterest craft! I sort of came up with it all my own, with a little help from a bib necklace with rhinestones I got from H&M. {Seen here} One of the ribbons broke one day and while I was trying to fix it, I realized that it was two pieces of felt glued together. {DUH!} We all have those inevitable 'duh' moments when we realize "Why didn't I think of that?!" So since then I've been dying to try something similar.

-Two pieces of felt, one normal square piece, and one with the sticky back to it.
-I used a hard cover of a magazine to cut out a bib pattern {the cover that comes on a magazine reminding you it's your last issue, like I have time for blogging and reading magazines!}
-E-6000 glue from Hobby Lobby, or any craft store.

-Gold sequins

-Black ribbon
All supplies were purchased at Hobby Lobby.

I used the pattern to draw on the felt and cut out one piece, then the other.  Next, I measured how long I wanted my ribbon to be to tie the necklace in the back {I just measured from my H&M necklace, unfortunately I didn't take note as to how long that was} cut 2 pieces and layed them on the sticky felt. {Don't peel off the sticky part until you are ready to make your next move, I tried doing it quickly before the stickiness wore off}  With a hot glue gun, I glued the ribbon to the felt then added a little extra hot glue across the whole thing for extra strength, then placed the regular felt on top of the sticky felt.  Next, I started at one end, using the E-6000 to glue down the sequins side by side.  I was in my second row when I realized that it would look better if I started over-lapping the sequins and also randomly flipping some upside down. This gave it a bit of dimension, as opposed to all the sequins facing forward.

  I continued row by row until I covered the whole bib.  I let it set and dry for about a day, and voila!

It was so simple and took me maybe an hour, but I can't wait to come up with more craft ideas! 

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