Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Banner

Me and a few girlfriends were feeling crafty and decided to have a Pinterest party.  We all brought over supplies for crafts we wanted to work on, listened to Christmas music, drank some wine and had a nice little girls evening.  I had been wanting to take a cute Christmas Card photo of me and Trey and was frantically searching the internet for a cute banner as a prop.  Then I had a thought, 'Why don't I make one at the Pinterest party?!' I figured it couldn't be that hard and with my new found love of spray painting, I went to my local Michael's Craft store and got a few things.  I decided to use felt, although if I try it again, I'll probably use cardstock.  My supplies included:

3 squares of felt fabric
1 can spray paint
Card board cut out to use as a pattern
Copper paper fasteners
Hemp string

I started by using my rectangular card board pattern to draw on the felt and cut out as many pieces I'd need to spell out 'Merry Christmas'.  I then took them outside and {while wearing rubber gloves} laid the stencil down making sure to put it all the way to the bottom of the felt to leave room to fold the felt over the string later.

I spray painted all the letters and let them dry.  Brought them back into the house and proceeded to fold them over the string and use the paper fastener to keep them on the string {it crossed my mind to just use a stapler, but I figured if I was going to use this in my Christmas card it should probably not look so 3rd grade janky}
 *Final Product Coming Soon*

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