Thursday, December 13, 2012

Leather & Fur

It's no secret that I love my fur vest, I wear it every chance I get.  My roommate always makes fun of me and tells me it's the ugliest vest he's ever seen, but I don't care because I know it's on the top of fashion lists this winter! So Today, I was just going to wear my leather jacket as my coat, but being December in Ohio I didn't think it would suffice, so I decided to throw my fur over it to add a little more dimension to the outfit and a little more warmth.  {For faux fur that thing is warm!}

Oh! And I finally got some outside, non self mirror portraits taken that day-Yay me! {Don't get used to it, it was a lucky day I had lunch with a friend who said she'd take them for me.}

 Up close shot of my new red hair =) I love changing up my hair as often as possible!
Jeans-Forever 21, October 2012 $15.50 {similar} // Striped Shirt-Forever 21, August 2012 $5.80 // Scarf-H&M, November 2012 $14.95 // Leather Jacket-Wet Seal {old} // Fur vest-Ebay, October 2012 $20 // Shoes-COCONUTS BY MATISSE Clooney-Ideeli, September 2011 $37 {Similar}

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