Thursday, February 14, 2013

Taupe Sweater-Two Ways

I purchased this sweater from the thrift store, the thrift store, people! It was probably $3.  I have worn the crap out of it! I don't know about where you live, but in Ohio, it has been a pretty cold winter.  I'm not a huge sweater person, but after last winter {and wearing the same 4 sweaters over and over} I decided to stock up this year.  Well, since I am on a tight shopping budget because of the wedding, I decided to see what the local thrift store had to offer and I was quite impressed.  I've gotten this sweater, this sweater & this sweater all from the thrift store, along with many more that I have yet to blog about.

Both ways I wore the sweater are pretty similar, but it created 2 completely different outfits.  I actually think I wore them a few days apart from each other.  I had taken the sweater off after the first day and tossed it at the foot of my bed, then when I needed a quick outfit to throw on to go check out some wedding venues with my mom on a Saturday I re-fashioned it into a {slightly} new outfit.

 Yes that is a tanning bed in the background.  I realized that my tanning salon has a full length mirror and amazing lighting for pics on my cell phone! lol
Outfit 1 details: Sweater-Thrifted // Chambray top-America Eagle, December 2012 // Scarf-H&M, November 2012 $14.95 // Jeans-Forever 21, October 2012 // Boots-Break 3, October 2012 {ON SALE NOW for $13!!!} 
 Clearly my mirror is in need of a dusting. I've been SO busy it's been awhile since I cleaned my room.
Outfit 2 Details: Sweater-Thrifted // Gingham top-Thrifted {I seriously have gotten some great finds!} // Fur Vest-Ebay, October 2012 $20 // Boots-Shoedazzle, November 2012 $40 // Necklace and chainlink bracelet-Groopdealz {Seen here and here} Pearl bracelet-Forever 21 {came in a set with 2 others}

 ANNNDDDD I just remembered why I'm happy that I haven't been blogging...linking up to the websites forces me to go to them! and when I go to them I want to shop! I actually haven't bought anything since my Hunter rain boots over a month ago and was really proud of myself, and now after just checking a few sites the itch is back.  Unfortunately {fortunately for my wallet} I gave up shopping for lent...this is going to be a long 40 days...



  1. LOVEE! the second outfit so cute!

  2. Me encanta el collar!!

  3. I love both ways you wore the sweater!!! So cute!!

  4. Gorgeous outfits!!! You look great.

    Would love it if you stopped by sometime.

    Love from South Africa

    Arum Lilea