Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Purchases

Since I purchased my wedding dress at the end of August, (and I'm physically ill over how much I spent) I was supposed to take a shopping hiatus for the month of September.  Well, for anyone who knows me, that is somewhat impossible.  It didn't exactly happen, although I didn't buy that much stuff.  Starting this month I'm going to try documenting my buys for the month, even though I'm sure they'll get less and less exciting as the wedding gets closer and I'm on even stricter shopping lock-down.  But here is what I bought in the month of September:

 Wrap bracelet from KR Designs, a local company I discovered though Facebook. They can be custom designed in any colors you'd like.  I picked neutral colors that would match mostly anything I wore. (I also love pairing it with my rose gold watch)
 Cheetah Scarf-Target.  I have been seeing animal prints (mostly leopard) a lot lately and wanted to jump in on this trend.  Although I'm not the biggest fan of classic leopard, I thought this was a different spin on the leopard print. 
 Cross rhinestone bracelet-Pretty Precious Jewelry.  (I got it from Etsy, but she said she charges less through Facebook because she doesn't have to pay the Etsy fees)
 Stripe Dress-Forever 21 I've already worn it twice, it's such a versatile piece.  I knew I had to have one after seeing this post on Penny Pincher Fashion
Flats-Burlington Coat Factory $12.99.  I've been trying to expand my collection of flats, I actually just recently started wearing them.  As I get older, I realize I can't wear heels everyday.  As much as I'd love to.
Pleather 'Party Pants'-Forever 21. The term 'Party Pants' came about in Vegas when my cousin bought a pair and wore them when we went to the club, then proceeded to call them her Party Pants the entire trip.  Pleather pants will forever be known to me as 'Party Pants'.
  Lace up boots-barefeetshoes.com. I can't wait to wear these more this fall! They'll look cute with skirts, jeans and leggings.

I also got a few other items not listed here.  A color block pleated skirt from F21 (Similar style), a short sleeved LBD from Forever 21 and I'm in the process of making a DIY rhinestone collar necklace.  I actually showed a lot of restraint this month.  I passed up quite a few shopping opportunities and even went to the mall to pay my Macy's bill and didn't buy a single thing! For me to walk out of the mall or any store empty handed is quite a feat!
Happy October Everyone!

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