Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Little Late to the Chuck Taylor Party...

My parents had a picnic over the weekend because my aunt was visiting from Alaska.  I usually like to dress up and wear skirts or sundresses to picnics, but I've been dying to wear my new Chucks.  Yes, it's almost 2013 and I JUST purchased my first pair of Chucks.  My problem was I never knew what color I wanted, then couldn't decide between hi tops and low tops, so I just never bought any.  But while in NYC last week I saw so many girls dressing down skinny slacks, a white tee, and blazer with white Chucks and I just loved the concept.  This is still a casual outfit, but I'm sure later this week I'll try out the chucks with a blazer.

Top-Abercrombie and Fitch, 2004 (I used to work there, I'm pretty sure that's when I bought it)
Shorts-Forever 21, February 2012, $12.90  Similar style here.
Necklace-J. Crew knockoff, Ebay, July 2012, Check out on this post.
Shoes-Converse Store, August 2012, $49.99

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