Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nice Little Saturday...

Trey and I, along with our mothers spend last weekend in Cleveland.  We relaxed at the hotel Friday night, then Saturday we went to check out the West Side Market in Ohio City.  It's mostly a farmers market but there are a lot of other tents set up with people selling jewelry, tee shirts, spices and other miscellaneous things.  One of my favorite vendors was an old trailer turned into a vintage clothing shop.  I purchased a skirt for $10 and then a ring for $5 from another vendor.  We had an awesome lunch at The Great Lakes Brewery.  Great Lakes has the best beer I've ever tasted! I'm probably biased living in Ohio, but seriously, if you ever stumble upon any beer by Great Lakes, TRY IT! It's like a Sam Adams type beer times 1000! They have different seasonal beers, Lake Erie Monster in the spring/summer and their famous Christmas Ale which is usually completely sold out before Christmas even comes around. 

Later that evening we got to see the Indians beat the Yankees to break their 9 game losing streak! They had an amazing fireworks show after the game, then we headed to Cleveland's newest attraction the Horseshoe Casino

It was a wonderful weekend spent with mine and Treys families and I am so blessed that our parents get along and can take little trips together as a whole family :)

On a side note, Trey stayed at the casino late to play in a poker tournament and met A. Rod in the bathroom. Another one of his celebrity encounters, At least he didn't tell him he "wasn't that good looking" like he told Jason Aldean last year! 

Dress-Body Central, Summer 2006. Fedora-Target Feb. 2012. Cross body bag-DKNY, Feb. 2012 (From Marshalls) Belt-Came on a skirt from Target, May 2012. Sunglasses-Forever 21, Spring 2011.
 The silver bullet turned vintage clothing store
Vintage skirt $10
Ring $5 from a local vendor
My favorite part about baseball games...Throwing peanut shells on the ground!
 Beautiful day for some baseball-GO TRIBE!
And lastly the awesome fireworks show after the game.

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  1. I've seen those buses turned shopping centers in magazines. I would love to visit one!


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