Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wedding Protocol

Trey and I attended a wedding last weekend.  Any time I'm getting ready for a wedding, I can't help but reflect back on a message from my dad before a close family friend was getting married.  This text immediately got put up on Facebook by my older sister and was an instant hit.  I think we finally figured out where we get our sense of humor and wittiness from.

This is an actual text from my dad to my sister:

Wedding protocol - We all will not get like drunken sailors and hooligans. Act like civilized and sophisticated college graduates with first class manners. Just because the booze is free, doesn't mean you have to drink it all... You are on drink probation, one per hour. No dance moves that bring attention to me or your mother's inability to raise model children. Pass this on to your movie-star-wannabe sister, Marcy. 

I got a follow-up text shortly after:

Next reminder-how about wearing dresses that actually cover your tits and ass, since this isn't Jersey Shore. Impress me like it's an Amish meet and greet. 

Oh I love when my father tries to give us advice! Although It's really hard to take him seriously.  

I'm not sure this outfit would be "Chuck Approved" but I thought it was pretty cute.  I originally had a whole different outfit picked out, but I went to the mall that day to buy Trey a new shirt and tie and saw these shoes and had to have them! They were the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on! So, I then changed my whole outfit to go around the pumps.  

Dress-Tobi, February 2012, $28 (Similar style here
Necklace-J. Crew, July 2012 $13.99 (Purchased from Ebay
Envelope Clutch-Thrift Store, July 2012 $1.50
Pumps-Nine West, July 2012, on sale for $20 (Similar style here)



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