Monday, August 13, 2012

Green Jeans

These green skinnies were my first venture into colored pants.  I saw this picture on Pinterest and knew I had to have them!  I've duplicated that outfit she's wearing a few times.  But this time I wanted to do 2 bright colors.  I loved the way the pink and green just popped! Then the black over top toned it down and broke it up.  I ran out of time before work this day, so I had Trey snap a picture once I got home.

Jeans-Forever 21 $15.50, January 2012
Top-Charlotte Russe (So old I'm not even sure when I got it)
Black open knit top-TJ Maxx $12.99
Belt-Target, May 2012 (it came on a skirt that is no longer available, but similar style here)
Wedges-Wet Seal, Summer 2010 (On Sale for $10!) Similar style here and here 

Below is another way I've worn the green jeans.  Don't mind the ridiculous cropping of the pics, I was out at a bar and was just trying to capture the outfit and not the randomness going on around me. LoL

Top-Forever 21, Fall 2008
Shoes-Victoria's Secret, August 2010

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