Friday, October 12, 2012

Introduction to Marcy 101

I haven't shared a lot of information on my blog yet, so here are 25 random facts about myself!

Below is one of my favorite quotes, I have it hanging on our bedroom wall and try to read it daily, just as a reminder what this life is all about. 

  1. My fiance's name is Trey, short for Frank George III.  Trey comes from 3 in Latin. We got engaged February 17, 2012.  Maybe one day I will share the engagement video, it makes me cry every time!
  2. I am a snowboarder and have been snowboarding for 12 years. 
  3. I live in Akron, OH.  Home of LeBron James, and yes, I am bitter about him leaving to play for Miami. 
  4. I used to be a caffeine addict but I stopped drinking caffeine about 3 months ago. 
  5. I have loved clothes and fashion for as long as I can remember.  I have home videos of Christmas when I was 5 years old, more excited, screaming and jumping up and down over outfits, rather than toys. 
  6. I drive a Dodge Stratus.  Haha, actually, I'm kidding, I drive a Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible, but I LOVE to quote movies, shows, anything really.  And if you get that quote, then we would get along very well! 
  7. My favorite US city is San Francisco. 
  8. I would rather shop, than gamble in Vegas.  (Honestly, what girl wouldn't?!) 
  9. I love to run and have ran 2 half marathons.  I'd love to run a full marathon at least once in my life.
  10. I am not obsessed with my iPhone, in fact, I kind of hate it.  I think I'm more an Android girl. 
  11. I couldn't possibly pick just one favorite movie, I honestly love so many movies, mostly comedies. And I love to quote old stupid movies, like, I'm talking Jurassic Park and Twister.  I've also been known to quote the Flintstone's movie, you know, the 1994 version with John Goodman.
  12. I refuse to buy a new car because a car payment will cut into my shopping.  Slightly irresponsible of me, but what can I say, I'd rather get out of a crappy car and have on nice clothes, then get out of a nice car and be dressed in old clothes. 
  13. I have had every hair color imaginable! I've gone from bleach blonde, to black, to magenta red! Maybe one day I'll post pics.  
  14. I graduated from Kent State University in 2006 with a bachelors in Business and a focus on Marketing.  
  15. I own over 100 pairs of shoes and over 100 dresses.  Coming from a fashion blogger, I don't think those numbers are shocking, although others argue with me about that being "normal".
  16. I want to own a pair of Louboutins one day, but what girl doesn't?! Trey said he would buy me a pair for my wedding present, but now I'm debating if the money would be better spent towards something else for our wedding. 
  17. I have two sisters who are my best friends.  I am the middle child.  My older sister lives in DC, while my younger sister lives in Philly.  
  18. I will rationalize spending $200 on new boots, but not on new tires. 
  19. I work a second job to afford my shopping habit.  I've already been wildly in debt and I've almost got it all paid off. (4 more payments!)  I now know how to live on a budget and spend frugally.  But without my second job I could never shop like I do now. 
  20. I require at least 4 vacations a year.  See #19.  That is also to afford my vacationing habit.  I just love to travel and can't turn down a spur of the moment trip if someone invites me along.  
  21. I love wine and margarita's.  Pretty much any and all alcohol.  I wouldn't consider myself an alcoholic, but I do love to drink.  21 seemed like a good number to get out that confession.  
  22. I've gone sky diving in San Diego.  It was the scariest/most amazing thing I've ever done.  I am afraid to walk from my car to my apartment at night (so I run) but I'll go sky diving. 
  23. I am recently obsessed with How I Met Your Mother.  I can't believe I've never watched it before, it's such a great show! I'm watching them in sequence on Netflix.
  24. I would rather wear heels than flats.  Honestly flats hurt my feet worse than heels.  I have a really high arch, my foot was just made to be in a heel.  When I wear flats for too long I get a cramp in my arch.  
  25. I am overall a really happy person.  I love my life, my family and friends.  I am very friendly, outgoing and I like (almost) everybody I meet.  So feel free to introduce yourself to me, I would love to meet my readers (once I have some, lol).

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