Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Maxi & Boots

I've never really thought of a maxi skirt as a fall piece, but why not? It covers your legs and paired with boots, it's a perfect little fall ensemble.  I'm getting really into using dresses to make different outfits lately, {i.e. using the bottom as a skirt, or the top as a shirt} So that is what I did here.  The striped top is actually a striped dress.  I'm loving this concept! Instantly turned my wardrobe of 100 dresses into 200 new pieces!

Striped Dress-Forever 21, Fall 2011{Similar style here} // Maxi Skirt-Ebay, August 2012 $13 {$0.99+$11.99 for Shipping} // Boots-Very Volatile Denver, July 2012

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