Monday, October 15, 2012

Typical Monday

This is a typical boring Monday outfit for me.  I usually spend all night Sunday putting together really cute outfits for the week and by the time I pull myself out of bed Monday morning, none of those outfits are longer acceptable.  Mainly because they're too cute or too complicated for a Monday.   On Monday I just want to be cozy and as of late, warm.  I want to start my week off in the Marcy equivalent to sweats.  This outfit was exactly that.  Those pants are the softest, most stretchy, comfortable pants besides legitimate sweats, or leggings.  I was hesitant about buying them at first but I'm so glad I did.  I will likely order more in other colors.  Cardigans are pretty much like hooded sweatshirts to me.  They're warm, soft, but I don't look like a lesbian going to a college football game-No offense Rach! (My sister is a lesbian and loves her hooded sweatshirts) I would have opted for flats had I not bought the pants so long that I have no choice but to wear them with heels.  But I did choose an extremely comfy pair of wedges.  (I wore this outfit right before the weather broke when I could still get away with wearing sandals, not so much anymore as I sit here in my room freezing my bare tootsies off, time to bust out the big fuzzy winter socks apparently!)


Sweater-Express, April 2011 (On sale! $11.19) // Pants-Victorias Secret, May 2012 (On sale for $19.99) // Necklace-H&M, August 2012 $12.95 (Similar style here) // Watch-Nixon Time Teller (In Matte Thistle), July 2012, On sale for $38 from Department of Goods (Cheapest find here)

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