Monday, October 1, 2012

Gaga-Ohh la la

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Lady Gaga, well, I should rephrase that, OLD Lady Gaga.  Poker Face Lady Gaga...not so much this new-fangled 'You and I' Lady Gaga.  I used to be mildly obsessed, I even had a phone cover made for my old Evo, it was sa-weeet!  I'm still a fan of her and always will be, even if I haven't liked a song since Bad Romance.  Today I decided to pair an old tee with a blazer and pumps.  These type of outfits are slowly becoming a go-to for me.  When I'm feeling lazy and want to put together a mindless outfit, the jeans and a tee with a blazer is my new fav.  It looks so cute and put together even though I could have easily grabbed a hoody instead of a blazer but wanted to look like I actually gave a crap.
 Gaga Tee-Hot Topic // Blazer-Nine West, Thrifted July 2012 $4.50 // Pumps-STEVEN by Steve Madden, Marshall's $15 (Similar) // Bag-Louis Vuitton // Bracelet-Etsy, September 2012 $13.75 (you can order off Facebook, cheaper than Etsy!)
 Custom designed Evo

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