Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Transition into Fall

It's officially fall here in Ohio.  I keep seeing other blogs where the weather is still nice, well, not for me.  Last year it stayed nice well into October, but it started getting chilly about 2 weeks ago and last week I had to wear a coat to work every morning! It's a bitter sweet feeling, as I've mentioned before, but I am just not ready to give up my summer clothes yet.  I saw this look on Pinterest and was waiting for the weather to get cooler to try it.  I'll probably do a similar look again with these black dress shorts I got from Express on sale at the end of last summer and still have yet to wear them.  I have a horrible habit of saving [hoarding] clothes for awhile, then I dig them up from a drawer 3 years later and realize the tags are still attached.  So I'm really looking for ways to transition some summer pieces that I have yet to wear (or I'm not ready to retire), into fall outfits.

Of course it always looks way cuter on the model. 
Oh to be tall and skinny....

Sweater-Forever 21, October 2009 (Similar) // Shorts-Forever 21 // Tights-Target // Ankle boots-Aldo, December 2009 (Gift from an old boyfriend, he always bought me the best shoes!)

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