Thursday, October 25, 2012

Necklace Wall

I got somewhat creative the other day (Also I was just frustrated with running out of room for all my necklaces, along with them constantly being a tangled mess) and put some nails in my closet wall to hang some of my necklaces.  (My landlord is going to be pissed!)  I later saw the cutest necklace hanger on Pink Peonies blog, but maybe that will be my next project {to cover all the holes I put in the wall already}

After all the banging-I'm sure my neighbors were loving me! 
Finished Project =)
{Not sure why it looks somewhat crooked?! I used a level and everything!}


  1. I cannot decide which is my favorite... :S All of them are beautiful and fabulous, I love them!!!
    Join 'Independet Fashion Bloggers', that is the best site to make new blogger friends, readers and so on..believe me! :)


    1. I just joined yesterday! But I'm having a hard time figuring it all time I suppose...

  2. I love the first three necklaces they are fabulous!