Friday, October 5, 2012

Pattern Mixing

I've been sick the past week, so I've been looking for more cozy outfits to wear to work.  (Hence my blog getting lazy as of late and I've been posting old outfits I wore awhile ago) I just got this cheetah scarf from target and have been loving pattern mixing lately, so I decided to pair it with this striped top.  This outfit is my equivalency to sweats-leggings and a stretch cotton open shirt.  I'm hoping I feel better soon, I can't take this cold for much longer :-/

(I took these pics at night and it was too dark in my room I had to use the flash, so don't mind the bit of flash reflecting off the mirror)

  Striped top-Forever 21, August 2012 $6.80 (Similar) // Leggings-Forever 21 $4.80 // Scarf-Target, September 2012 $14.99 // Riding Boots-Breckelles, December 2011 $39.99

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