Friday, September 21, 2012

Girls Night Out

This was our last night out in NYC last month.  We unintentionally dressed alike, Lauren and Chelsea bought similar colored hi-low dresses at different stores and both wanted to wear their new buys, while I planned on wearing a black satin dress that to my horror had gotten a tad short on me and the slit in the back pretty much showed my ass.  So Kelliann let me borrow something from her Express collection of clothing, and I threw that skirt on over the dress since I liked the boobage I was getting from that sweetheart top ;)

Your BFF,


  Black Dress (Worn as a top)-Forever 21 // Skirt-Express // Heels-Aldo, Spring 2009 (my first purchase after giving up shopping for Lent that year, what was I thinking?!) // Belt-Charlotte Russe.

1 comment:

  1. I don't like those hi-low monstrosities. What is this, 1999? The ONLY reason I would appreciate something in that style is because of my large ass. Skirts are often too short in the back because so much material is used up covering my enourmous posterior.