Friday, September 28, 2012

Professional Hippie

I was leaving for Philly last Friday, and wanted something that was cute for work, but was also comfortable for driving a car 7 hours.  I headed over to the liquor store on my lunch break because I remembered PA has weird alcohol regulations, you can only buy beer and liquor at certain stores, not like Ohio where you can buy beer at the gas station and liquor at Wal-Mart.  So as I'm waiting in line to pay for my beer and grab a bottle of vodka for the weekend some dude yells over at me "Hey! I've never seen professional hippie before, can I have your autograph?" Keep in mind this was at noon on a Friday, so the quality of people in a liquor store at this time of day was a little questionable,  although I was there...but I had good cause!

Scarf head band-Forever 21 $3.80, July 2012 (Similar here) // Chambray Top-Forever 21 $21.80, July 2012 // Leggings-Forever 21 $4.80 // Necklace-Vintage, from my Grandmother // Bracelets and Watch-Forever 21, KR Designs, and Kenneth Cole // Boots-Break 3 $32.99, September 2012, Last seen here. Also found here and here.

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  1. You look SOOO cute!!!! I love those boots especially!