Thursday, September 27, 2012

Totally Random, Non Fashion Related Blog Post

As I was going through pictures on my phone the other day I realized I have over 400 pics on my iPhone, most are outfit/fashion pics, but there are so many others that took me down memory lane, starting with my trip to Vegas in March.  So I decided to share some pics of my life from the past 6 months.  I don't live the most exciting or glamorous life, but damnit, I have some f*ing fun along the way!
Tao-Las Vegas with my cousin, sister and myself. 
Not sure why it looks like the sun is out and we're all squinting??
Before heading to Wet Republic at the MGM
St. Patty's Day in Vegas-It was actually really cold and rainy! And sunny and beautiful in Ohio that day-go figure!
My new running kicks for the Cleveland 1/2 Marathon I ran in May
At the KY Derby, who doesn't love big hats?!
Partying at Ohio's party Island, Put-in-Bay.
My sister loves to give drunk sharpie tats.  I rocked it for the day, it's Put-in-Bay!
"I'm outdoorsy in that I like getting drunk on patios"
Summer night out with my girlfriends
A friends wedding this past June with my Love <3
Lazy day hair-Lady Gaga hair bow
At a party after the fireworks on July 4th, Trey found that shirt and wore it the rest of the night! It was VS Pink! haha
Clearly fireworks bring out the lovey doveyness in all of us :)
Night out at our hometown's local bar
Dinner at the South side Seaport in NYC
Long Island Iced Tea party at my bosses house, made in those giant gatorade jugs! Let's just say I am NEVER EVER drinking long islands again!
Tailgating before the Browns home opener!
We may not win games, but we know how to party!
Win or Lose-WE BOOZE!
My absolute favorite Fall beer-Southern Tier Pumking, tastes like pumpkin pie!
After Dayglow in Philly, it poured rain, so the paint splattering didn't get its full effect.  

Just a little peek into Marcyville...hope you had fun! 

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