Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yellow and Grey III

So yeah, by now it's pretty apparent that I love yellow and grey.  I think it's a recent obsession because I didn't have a lot of yellow clothing until recently.  I actually paired this outfit together months ago, probably in April or so.  Every once in awhile I'll find some extra time on my hands to get on Pinterest and steal all their outfit ideas, then I go to my closet to see what I can make with everything I already have.  I put little outfits together and hang them up in the front of my closet so when I'm having a lazy morning I can grab a pre-coordinated outfit and look like I actually attempted to look decent for work instead of rolling out of bed 10 minutes before I have to leave.  I used a great scheme back when I was partying 4 nights a week, mostly on school nights (I use the term school nights because I was acting out as if I were a child, but I really mean week nights). I would dress up super cute for work after a long night of drinking so no one knew how hungover I really was.  If you show up in jeans, a hoody and UGGS you just look suspect of a late night.  I'd use a cute dress and sandals to mask the fact that if I were to lay my head down on my desk for one second I'd pass right out (which has happened before).  But I wanted to get this outfit worn before it started getting chilly, even though I think it would look really cute with a pair of knee high boots as well. 

What are your favorite color combos? Or maybe you don't have favorite color combos, but pattern combos, I'd love to hear them!   

Your BFF,


 Clearly I didn't have time to do my hair this morning, or any morning for that matter, I'm lucky I'm even dressed! lol

Button down-Express, January 2011 $20.99 // Skirt-Forever 21, possibly spring 2007 (similar style here) // Belt-Forever 21, Spring 2010 // Flats-Burlington, Spring 2012 $15 (Similar pair) // Clutch-Thrift Store, July 2012 $1.50 (Similar vintage clutch) // Necklace-Forever 21 // Bracelets-Dirty Pretty Things, the two pearl ones are from a bangle set from Aldo, and the charcoal is from a random gift shop in Vegas.


  1. cute outfit, love the yellow and black! my favorite is probably yellow and mint! adore it! so happy i found your cute blog, i'm your newest follower! feel free to follow back! xox

    1. Thanks so much for reading! I am now following you as well :) OOHH, well any color + Mint is awesome! I have had a hard time finding good mint pieces, but I'm always on the look out!