Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Plaid and Spikes

I posted earlier this month about my splurge vs. save plaid shirt I got in NYC.  I got the whole outfit at Necessary Clothing.  I finally got around to wearing it and it was quite a hit! Multiple people in my office said they loved my shoes and another guy (married, totally not hitting on me) told me that he loves my outfits and the way I dress.  It was definitely a good day to be acknowledged for the effort I put into getting dressed in the morning.  I used to be pretty lazy before I started this blog, I had a lot of cute stuff, but the chances of me waking up early enough to actually put together a complete outfit just didn't happen that often.  So, now I pretty much don't leave the house unless my outfit is something to write home about...or more-so write on here about.   

*I don't know why these pictured turned out so blurry, I think my phone had something on it, because these pictures are blurry as shit! But they came out clear this weekend...No Clue?!

Spike Flannel Top-Necessary Clothing, August 2012 $29.99 (Similar style here) // Hi Low Skirt-Necessary Clothing, August 2012 $26.99 // Belt-Thrifted // Boots-Necessary Clothing, August 2012 $29.99 (I had been looking for boots like these for over a year! I'm so happy I finally found them, in my size, and affordable!) Similar Styles here and here.

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  1. LOVE the way you styled your plaid shirt girl! I need to buy one ASAP I hear they are huge this fall. You look soooo cute!